Dubai Sports City – Is There A Demand For The Worlds First Sports City?

At present, there is not much to look at, just numerous signs from the developers showing iconic sporting images alongside the early signs of the construction process. It’s hard to believe that in only a few years time, this dusty part of Dubai on the Emirates Road will become home to one of the worlds premier sporting destinations, Dubai Sports City.

So what is Dubai Sports City? Described as a true city of firsts, Dubai Sports City will become the worlds first ‘Sports City,’ a destination totally devoted to sport and all it entails. Over 50 million square feet of state of the art stadia and venues alongside academies from some of sports leading names such as Manchester United Soccer Schools, ICC Global Cricket Academy, David Lloyd Tennis and the Butch Harmon School of Golf. Dedicated to showcasing the very finest that sport has to offer today, and developing the sporting hero’s of tomorrow.

In addition to the world class sporting facilities, Dubai Sports City will also include a wide range of residential and commercial developments expected in a world class city. Luxurious properties and world class international schools sit alongside the hotels and first class medical facilities. A true community lifestyle, in close proximity to one of the worlds leading sporting destinations.

There are a wide range of properties available in Dubai Sports City, ranging from luxury villas through to state of the art apartments ensure that the city has something to offer every taste and budget. Property developments such as the Cube and the Canal Residences have already been heavily invested in by both investors and residents alike, all keen to be a part of this truly iconic project in Dubai.

So is there a demand for Dubai Sports City, and what does the future hold for a project such as this? In order to answer this, it is necessary to evaluate the potential of this project in a number of differing contexts.

Firstly, it’s location in Dubailand, in the heart of modern day Dubai, and one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Today, modern day Dubai is a modern, liberal, thriving economy, attracting large levels of investment from overseas as well as increasing numbers of residents from all over the world. Attracted by factors including the tax free status and increasing property values, Dubai is benefiting from one of the worlds fastest growing GDP’s. This consistent growth in both the population and the economy has seen a sustained level of demand for property in Dubai, which seems set to continue for the near future. This demand has seen unparalleled levels of interest in property in Dubai Sports City and key developments in Dubai.

The second factor to consideration when looking at the demand and future for Dubai Sports City, is the growth, and increasing affluence of visitors to Dubai. Recent figures released by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai have shown hotel occupancy rates reaching levels in excess of 85%, with the highest fill rates (over 90%) being found in the 5 star hotel category. To summarise, the increasing numbers of visitors to Dubai (estimated to be approximately 15 million by 2010), are increasingly wealthy with higher levels of disposable income. Iconic and unique projects such as Dubai Sports City will undoubtedly prove highly attractive to visitors to Dubai, as they seek activities outside of the traditional venues of the beach and shopping malls.

The third, and arguably most important factor for consideration is the changing face of sport itself, in particular the increasing globalisation of major sports such as golf, tennis and football. Today, the modern day sports fan has access to an increasing array of sports. The advent of satellite television in particular has ensured that a Premier League football match in London may be watched by an audience of billions around the world. Today, Premier League games are regularly broadcast to over 600 million homes in 202 countries throughout the world. This level of access to a wide variety of sports has never been seen before, and is giving birth to a new, wider generation of global sports fan.

These global fans, who are spending increasing amounts of money to access sporting events around the world are likely to see Dubai Sports City as a leading global sports venue, offering them access to their sporting hero’s who are usually based thousands of miles away. Already leading sports teams have chosen Dubai Sports City as a future venue for training camps and touring or pre-season matches. Should Dubai successfully bid for the Olympic Games (it is rumoured that they are considering a bid), then the global focus on Dubai Sports City will intensify even further.

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